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What I can offer your business

  1. Backstory
    In an ideal world you would shell out wads of cash to hire an ad agency to come up with a marketing concept for your company. The agency would hire a production company, who would in turn hire a videographer, designers, stylists, a hair and make up team, video editors, a caterer and live animals when necessary. Love spending money? This is the option for you. If not read on.
  2. The Offer
    If you can do without a small army of people loitering around your home or business Picture Book Inc can offer you a one stop shop for all your video needs. I can help you create your marketing strategy and also shoot, edit and produce amazing content for your business.
  3. Disclaimer
    For the sake of full transparency Picture Book Inc. must disclose that although I can definitely create excellent content for you, I am actually not very good at hair and makeup... there... said it.
  4. It's all about you
    If you like the idea of getting professionally made, quality visual assets at a excellent cost/value ratio for your company than Picture Book Inc. is for you.
  5. What's my name
    My name is Dj. Sorry did I forgot to introduce myself?
  6. Knick Knacks
    Along with video I offer, logo creation, stingers, copy writing for web and print including brochures and artistically made business cards. Can also provide websites directly or through third party developers.
Videos for your business